Why Is Gardening So Great for Children?

The Benefits of Gardening to Children

With the sun against your back and dirt between your fingers, gardening is a skill everyone eventually learns, whether it’s for keeping the outside of your home neat or growing some homegrown vegetables, it has always been a great, knowledgeable skill. But who knew there could be so many benefits for children?

Learning the life cycles of food

For a growing child’s body, it’s always important that they maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Teaching your children how to garden allows them to learn where fruit and vegetables come from, by physically planting and watching them grow. By allowing your children to garden through planting fruits, vegetables or herbs, gives them the opportunity to learn how to be patient. They’ll learn that growing vegetables doesn’t happen overnight, or even in a few sleeps. It allows children to get excited as they seed, wait and eventually eat or gather the plants they looked after. Gardening not only teaches children how plants grow and change, it also gives them a sense of independence, as they place the seeds and cover them with minimal help. This gives them a sense of achievement, as they have successfully grown something, mostly, by themselves.

Improves Their Motor Skills

Since gardening is a physical skill, which requires a lot of movement, young children are able to build and adapt their motor skills effectively. Gardening requires plenty of different and new movements for your children to learn and strengthen. These include, learning to pick up dirt and make room for the plants to grow. Just in that movement itself, you could teach your child how-to pick-up dirt with their hands if it’s a small plant or learn how to use a shovel for something larger. Placing the dirt in the correct spots, fertilizing, watering or picking weeds away also requires many different movements for your child to learn. These new techniques will allow your child to have a better understanding of how soil or plants may respond in different conditions or through their movements. Your children will also be able to strengthen their muscles, grow stronger and be able to maintain better hand-eye coordination as their skill develops.

Gardening with teacher

At The Brook

Here at The Brook Early Education and Care, many of our older classes have their own gardens where they plant, water and care for lots of different vegetables and herbs. Our classes also will often take this one step further and show the children how these different foods are used in food and natural play.

For more information on how we support and teach children how to garden at The Brook, contact us today!


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