Why Crawling for Longer Is A Good Thing

Learn about the Developmental Benefits of Your Child Staying on Their Hands and Knees

Before they can take their first steps, a child begins to crawl in order to move around. It can be humorous and fun to watch them shuffle everywhere before they’ve learned to walk, but the movement of crawling is extremely beneficial for a child’s development.

The Benefits

By allowing your child to take their time when crawling, you are advancing the skills they are just beginning to learn. As your child grows and slowly moves into their walking phase, they will have a great unconscious understanding of the skills they had learnt throughout the time they were crawling. These key and necessary skills can be the understanding of balance and the ability to navigate an environment with clear understanding of depth and distance. The longer your child crawls, the more educated and prepared they are.

How This Supports Them Later

Crawling is a physical movement, used independently by young children to get from point A to point B. And, since this is a movement that they are conducting themselves, it is further strengthening and supporting their neck, legs, arms and back muscles. This gives them the ability to prepare for the future, when they are able to eventually walk by themselves. By strengthening these muscles, your child is also beginning to learn important motor skills. These skills can include learning to balance and hold themselves upright, which is absolutely vital for their growth. Hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness is also a skill that is developed through the crawling phase. It is essential that the brain is able to begin to understand and comprehend distance, as well as accuracy.

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