Toddlers I: 15 months to 2 years

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Toddlers I: 15-month to 2-year olds

Whether your child is transitioning from our babies rooms or just starting their early education journey with us, Bud, Sapling, and Spring are our 15 months to 2 years rooms.


As they transition from babies into toddlers, our passionate team of qualified educators is ready to support and encourage their natural instincts to explore the world around them. At this stage, they work on self-help skills like using spoons during meals and adequate hand-washing routines and start getting used to a learning environment, as they learn about colours, parts of the body, animals, and numbers in age-appropriate activities.


The Brook Early Education and Care provides extracurricular activities specifically designed for young children, including Dance, Music, Science, Spanish and Cooking lessons which happen every day of the week. Our centre also provides fresh nutritious meals, catered to all dietary requirements and allergies – so you don’t have to worry about packing lunch for your child.


If you would like to enrol your toddler or want to visit us for a centre tour, please get in contact today! We love seeing our Brook community grow, and will be very happy to meet you!

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