The Importance of Encouraging a Child’s Imagination

Dragons and Princesses: Why You Need Them Around

Dragons and Princesses: Why You Need Them Around

We can all recall the memories of our younger selves playing with our superhero toys or our pretty dolls in a make-believe world filled with our own creativity. Now, as a parent, you are able to watch the magic and wonder unfold before you with your own child. You can rest easy knowing your child is having fun, but also, because they’re unconsciously developing essential skills, simply by imagining.

The Benefits

By allowing your child to wear that Superhero costume to the shops or letting them use your brush to comb through the knots of their doll’s head, it is supporting them in ways you wouldn’t believe. Not only are you allowing them to feel safe within their own world, you are also supporting their creativity and the way they may think. Dressing dolls, or driving cars down a particular track, is a great way for your child/ren to develop hand-eye coordination and other physical movements.

Giving them that extra time in their bedroom, only surrounded by their toys, is also giving your child the opportunity to expand their social skills. Children feel comfortable around their toys, chatting to them freely about whatever they feel like; even if it’s made up. This supports their social skills and gives them confidence when talking to others their age. While toys don’t often say anything, that doesn’t mean playdates do the same. Your child may want to play dress-up and be the Queen, however, their friend may also want to be the Queen. This allows your child to use their problem-solving skills in how they will change their fantasy world to suit both of their roles.

Supporting It

The easiest way to ensure your child has the best creative mind possible, is to encourage it. Ask what they’re doing in their room and whether you can join, ask if they want to cook a fake meal or drink with herbs and condiments, build a tent in your living room, run a shop. The list truly is endless. By simply allowing your child/ren’s imagination to run wild, while encouraging them to enjoy themselves, is absolutely key for ensuring their development skills are fulfilled.


The Benefits of Play to Children

Never underestimate child’s play – although it might look like simple leisure time, when kids are fighting dragons, riding unicorns and making potions they are actually developing crucial life skills and preparing their brains for the many challenges of adulthood. – READ MORE

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