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The Importance and Benefits of Reading with Your Child

The Importance and Benefits of Reading with Your Child

Reading is one of the best tools and resources that can be used to help your child build and develop their skills as they grow. Many of the skills children develop through reading go beyond just the basic literacy skills of reading and writing, going into such areas of social skills, problem-solving, and boosting creativity.

Read Aloud with Kids

By reading aloud with children, they develop their associations and overall understanding of emotions, especially in regards to how to recognise them in others. This is crucial in the progression of their social skills, as they will need to be able to recognise the emotions of others around them and learn to act accordingly.

Read a Range of Books

Reading a range of books with children also helps in deepening their understanding and knowledge of language. By reading aloud with them, children can hear the sounds that are needed to be said and can see on the page which sounds match with which letters and words.

Books have a massive impact on expanding children’s imaginations, thereby increasing their creative thinking. The wider variety of books read to them, the more likely children are to have better-developed imaginations and higher levels of creativity from a younger age.

Picture-Based Books

The younger the child, the better it is for them to be reading with picture-based books, as this is what initially engages and holds their attention. As they grow, the progression of books and increase of words is brought in to further their development as the rate that they need.

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Aids in Growing Bonds

One of the best parts about reading with children is that it aids in growing bonds, as this intimate activity builds and strengthens the connections and relationships the child has with the reader – such as a parent, educator, grandparent, etc.

For more information on how reading can help your child and their development; check out our website and contact us. Book a centre tour and speak with our educators directly about what regular reading can do for your child.


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