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Why It’s Important to Display A Child’s Work

How It Can Impact a Child If Their Work Is Displayed or Recognised It’s always a proud and loving moment when a child draws or paints something and decides to give that piece of artwork to you. As a parent, it’s up to you how you decide to appreciate it, but you can never go …


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The Benefits of Learning Sign Language as a Child

The Importance of Sign Language and its Effects on a Developing Brain As a parent, you may find that at times you are the only person who can understand your child/ren’s own personal verbal and physical language. Verbally communicating can be a long process for both parent and child. Nonetheless, it is a skill that …


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Sharing Is Not Always Caring…

Sharing is Not Always Caring     Instilling a sense of generosity and kindness in our children is a more challenging task then most may think. It can sometimes come at a cost to a young person’s sense of ownership and self-worth, which are other important ideals that may have a significant impact on how …


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What Does the National Quality Framework Mean for Your Child?

What Does The National Quality Framework Mean For Your Child?   The National Quality Framework (NQF) is a national system for the regulation and quality assessment of child care and early learning services. The NQF applies to long day care, family day care, preschool, kindergarten and outside school hours care services. The framework includes a: …


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The Benefits of High-Quality Childcare

Why You Should Choose a High-Quality Childcare For Your Child   High-quality childcare benefits children socially, behaviourally, emotionally and intellectually. The right childcare will prepare you child for life as an adult. How do you sort the great childcare from the average?   Well, a high-quality childcare or ‘early education’ centre will have:   Great …


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How to Prepare Your Child for the Early Learning Centre

Tips on Getting Your Child Ready for Early Learning Finishing maternity leave and starting your child at an early learning centre can be a stressful time. Most infants (up to 7 months of age) adjust very well to childcare. Older infants, however, might find that it takes a bit of adjusting. Here are some tips …


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The Benefits of Play to Children

Why You Should Encourage your Kids to Play Never underestimate child’s play – although it might look like simple leisure time, when kids are fighting dragons, riding unicorns and making potions they are actually developing crucial life skills and preparing their brains for the many challenges of adulthood.   Here are some of the many …


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Child Care Near Me

The Brook Early Education and Care Welcome to our first blog post!   What an exciting time it is to learn, to grow and to take big steps, no matter how small the footprints are.   As we open our doors to all the cherubs, toddlers and tots out there, now is our chance to …