Pre-kindergarten: 3 years to 4 years

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Pre-kindergarten: 3 to 4-year olds

Harvest and Flourish are our rooms for children in the 3 to 4 years of age bracket. This is where we prepare children for kindergarten – while kindy is not as big of a change as a primary school will be, these little ones are transitioning from being toddlers to pre-schoolers, which can be scary and confusing.


Our talented and highly qualified team of educators are here to ensure children feel safe and supported. In the Harvest room, little ones learn numeracy skills – they can count to 50! – and literacy skills, as they start writing their names.


Children this age are very curious, and to encourage their natural interests, we include science experiments and we use unconventional materials in arts and crafts projects. Children learn about different planets, plants, animals, and use materials like magnets to continue exploring, learning, and understanding the world around them.


At The Brook Early Education and Care, we have different extracurricular activities each day of the week, including Dance, Music, SpanishScience and Sports and Cooking lessons. These classes are designed specifically for children, and it is incredible how much they get out of them. These FUNdamentals are included in our centre’s daily fee, which also includes fresh nutritious meals prepared daily by our on-site chef and cook.


If you’d like to visit our centre, book a tour – contact us, today. We would love for you to be a part of our growing Brook community!


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