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The Brook Early Education and Care Philosophy

At The Brook Early Education and Care, we believe that learning starts with families and that our role as educators is to extend upon this to create a strong foundation for each child’s successful future. We pride ourselves on being more than just child care, by working in parallel with families and the community we aim to be the ultimate option for early year’s development.


We Believe in and Support Learning Through Play


We believe it is vitally important that children, educators and families have a strong sense of belonging at our service. We understand that children need adequate time, space and support to be who they are, to imagine, to believe and to explore. We know that children flourish when they are provided with opportunities to play, explore, interact and engage in positive communication. Our play-based learning environments support children to investigate and develop a lifelong love of learning. We understand that learning is about the whole child and are committed to supporting children to develop social competence, resilience and independence. Our service respects and embraces diversity, differences and fairness and provides opportunities which elevate each child to reach their full potential.


At The Brook Early Education and Care, we believe in each child’s right to play and the importance of celebrating their discoveries and learning. We trust children to be involved in decisions affecting their world and believe that children’s agency, along with guidance, care and teaching by educators, shapes children’s experiences in future life.


We Believe That Children Learn Best With Dedicated Educators


We believe children learn best when our educators are passionate, dedicated and committed to continuous improvement. We value self-reflection and encourage our educators to challenge each other’s thinking to ensure the learning environment and opportunities are always in the best interest of the child.


We Empower Children To Care For The Environment


We strive to empower our children to care for our precious environment through adopting sustainable practices and the provision of learning opportunities aimed at developing healthy attitudes towards the environment and sustainability for future generations.


The decisions we make are all aimed to ensure we are at the pinnacle of early education and care for children and their families.

“Our children are like precious seedlings, we must water their natural curiosity and together with their families and community, support them as they blossom into unique and strong individuals.”

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