Kindergarten: 4 years to 5 years

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Kindergarten: 4 to 5-year olds

Our kindergarten rooms are Blossom and Primavera. They have their own outdoor playground, which gives them a lot of freedom to learn through play.

Our goal with the Kindergarten rooms is to prepare children for “big school”. We equip them with skills they will need, like numeracy, literacy, self-help, and fine motor skills. We have a structure in place, but allow children to gravitate to activities they are naturally interested in.

From using scissors and pencils to getting a drink of water or tissue according to their own needs, we make sure the children are ready and feel confident transitioning into primary school. Our educators also have great tips to help parents during this time of change and are always happy to have a chat.

Kindergarten children also benefit from our extracurricular activities that include Spanish, DanceSports, Science, and Music classes every day of the week. These are all included in our daily fee, and our centre also provides fresh daily meals prepared by our on-site chef and cook.

If you’d like to visit us for a centre tour, please fill out an enquiry form here. We love seeing our Brook community grow, and are always happy to meet new families!

Also, read our statement of fees here.

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