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Multi-Sports Program For Children

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Physi Kids is Brisbane’s most popular choice for children’s sports and fitness for children over 2.5 years!


A 30-minute program that comes to your centre at a regular time throughout the entire year, like for example, every Thursday at 9:00 AM.  We have 26 different programs which run rotationally, introducing your children to 12 different sporting categories. We have aligned our programs with the current Early Years Learning Framework – Kindergarten Curriculum, so you know you are getting a program that understands children and their families.

The Physi Kids program develops the following physical skills:

Fitness, Strength, Posture, Endurance, Agility, Balance, Speed, Power, Ball handling, Tumbling, Rhythm & Dance, Jumping rope and  Spatial and Sensory Awareness.

Our 12 different sporting categories include:

Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, Netball, T-ball, AFL, Rugby League, Hockey Cricket, Yoga, Gymnastics, Athletics, Ultimate Frisbee,  Bootcamp, Volleyball and Music & Movement.

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