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The Kindy Science Program

Kindy Science logoKindy Science has been developed to enrich and extend early childhood aged children in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) using engaging activities in an everyday environment. Early exposure to STEM concepts encourages children to question the world around them and look for solutions to problems. Hypothesising and following scientific and design methods to create new and interesting ideas. The curriculum has been developed by Camille Newlands, a STEM teacher with 20 + years of experience in Science and Mathematics.


Energy and Electricity – During the term children will build on their Energy and Electricity knowledge each Wednesday. They will experience different hands-on activities weekly so they can engage with the content. Activities include: electrical generators, fruit batteries and basic circuitry.


Forensic Science –  Each week students will solve the mystery presented to them in the first lesson by revealing a different forensic technique each week. The students will get to experience different forensic activities and develop an evidence board to solve the crime.

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