Frequently Asked Questions about Childcare

The Brook Early Education and Care

Childcare FAQs

What is the National Quality Framework?

A set of regulations overseeing that childcare providers, long day care services and outside school hours care businesses are performing to the expected national benchmarks. It raises quality and encourages improvement and consistency, benefitting children and families.


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Do childcare services provide meals?

Most childcare services usually provide breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and snacks throughout children’s day-to-day routines. If they do not, families will have to pack meals for children.


At The Brook Early Education and Care, we provide nutritious meals to our children.


How do I choose a quality childcare and early learning service?

There are many aspects you and your family must consider before enrolling your child in an early learning service. Enquire about that service’s childcare fees; who the educators are and what qualifications they possess; what the day to day programs are; if meals are provided; if indoor and outdoor areas are safe and secure. Simply visit centres which interest you and ask for their information guides, or speak directly with the service’s management.


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What is an Educator?

An educator is an early learning practitioner who works directly with children in early learning and outside school hour care environments.


What is pedagogy?

Pedagogy refers to educators’ professional practice, especially those aspects that involve nurturing positive partnerships, curriculum management, and reflective routines on one’s teaching and learning.


Am I eligible for any financial childcare assistance?

The Commonwealth Government provides financial assistance to eligible families to cover the cost of childcare.


As each family’s situation is unique, determining whether one’s circumstances constitute eligibility for childcare assistance varies. The main types of financial assistance families may be eligible for are Child Care Benefit; Child Care Rebate; Jobs, Education and Training Child Care Fee Assistance; Grandparent Child Care Benefit; Special Child Care Benefit. For further enquiries, visit


What is agency?

The ability to make choices which ultimately influence events and have an impact on one’s world.