The Brook Early Education and Care

Event Planner

At The Brook early learning and childcare centre, we like to celebrate and enrich the individuality of each child and the diversity of the communities in which they operate by hosting extracurricular activities and events. We have scheduled special evenings and information sessions for parents and guardians and hold excursions to local landmarks, parks and places to enhance the learning experiences and capabilities of the children in our care.

Our calendar is marked with orientation days, bake sales, parent committee meetings, fire safety visits, wildlife stopovers and museum field trips. Just some of the events we host include Grandparents Day, fancy dress parties, Christmas pageants, Harmony Day, Mother’s Day stalls, Easter egg hunts and Little Olympics. These events will surely make for memorable moments and valuable educational encounters.

We plan on inviting local councilors, Members of Parliament and public servants from the police force to visit our centre. We believe collaborating with the wider community, supporting local industry and interests and catering for their needs is paramount to children’s overall awareness and agency as they bloom.

Keep an eye out for more information about our calendar of upcoming events or contact us.

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