Making Potato Stamps

DIY Project For Kids

How to Make Potato Stamps

Potato Stamps Keeping children entertained can often be a difficult task, and we understand many parents find it tough to think of new and engaging activities to keep your children happy at home. To help with this, The Brook Early Education and Care team is always thinking about fun and simple DIY projects which can keep your little ones busy, while also working to expand their learning and imagination.


We know that when parents think DIY, their first thought often falls to how much they’re going to have to spend on expensive art supplies. However, at The Brook, we’re big fans of projects which make use of things you already have lying around the house. Let your kids raid the cupboards for old and unused items which can be repurposed for a crafty afternoon!


Old potatoes are a great item which can be used to create homemade potato stamps. The only other things you really need are paper and paint and your children are ready to get creative and have some fun. We are really interested in colours and shapes right now so this project felt like the perfect opportunity to practice both.


What you’ll need:


  • 2 or 3 medium sized potatoes
  • Sharp knife for cutting shapes
  • Paper
  • Paint in assorted colours
  • Paint palette
  • Newspaper


How to do it:

  1. Cut your potatoes in half. Using your knife, cut simple shapes (e.g. heart, circle, triangle) into the flat side of the potato halves.
  2. Cover your child’s work area with newspaper to protect it from paint and mess.
  3. Put your various paint colours on your paint palette.
  4. To stamp, press the potato shape stamp into your desired colour paint, like you would press a stamp onto an ink pad.
  5. Once your potato shape is covered in ink, firmly press the potato shape onto the paper.
  6. Your child can create stamp paintings, wrapping paper, or cards, the only limitation is their imagination.


At The Brook Early Education and Care, we encourage parents to take part in fun and creative activities like this at home, as it is a way of continuing the work we do at the centre every day.


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