Making Felt Ghost Bookmarks

DIY Project For Kids

How to Make Felt Ghost Bookmarks

Ghost BookmarksDIY projects are a fun way to fill the day while teaching your child new skills. It can be hard to think of activities to do with your kids that will keep them entertained, so, to help you, we have come up with a helpful idea.


Here at The Brook Early Education and Care, we like to think of some creative DIY tasks that can be fun for children and parents alike but also help with expanding your child’s skills. Here is how to make Ghost Bookmarks:


What you’ll need:


  • Craft paddle pop stick
  • 2x Googly eyes (per bookmark)
  • White pieces of felt
  • Coloured pieces of felt
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors


How to do it:


  • Cut white felt with scissors in the shape of a ghost body and glue them to the top of a craft paddle pop stick
  • Use the craft glue to stick googly eyes on ghost body
  • Cut coloured felt/pipe cleaner into the shape of a smile and then glue the smile shape on the ghost body
  • Cut various pieces of felt/pipe cleaner into features such as eyebrows, hair bows, bow ties and hats
  • Glue features onto ghost body
  • Lay creation flat to dry, then the ghost bookmarks are ready to be used




  • Use your imagination! You can choose to put whatever you want onto the ghost’s body
  • You can create other non-ghostly characters as well. Using felt you can create monsters, animals, and even people
  • You can also use these little characters for decoration for a birthday party or for Halloween! You can stick them into cakes, plant pots, or all around the backyard – imagine a fairy garden, dinosaurs, or even Christmas decorations!


At The Brook Early Education and Care Centre, we encourage parents to get involved with activities with their children while at home. DIY activities are a great way to continue your child’s learning at home. For more information about The Brook and our learning programs please do not hesitate to contact us.


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The Benefits of Play to Children

Never underestimate a child’s play. Although it might look like simple leisure time when kids are fighting dragons, riding unicorns and making potions, they are actually developing crucial life skills and preparing their brains for the many challenges of adulthood.


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