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As an early learning centre, The Brook believes that each child is unique, and as such, we cater to their individual agency and optimal potential through our innovative implementation of ‘learning by playing’. By doing so, children are better able to understand the world in which they live through our planned early education programs which activate their capacity to participate, communicate, investigate, create and reflect.

At The Brook, we instill children with a sense of well-being and growth and help them to develop a strong sense of community, connect with and contribute to their world, become confident and involved learners and develop effective communication skills.

Their first steps in playing, laughing and growing are guided, encouraged and documented by our diverse and devoted team of highly qualified educators, whose supportive and collaborative roles within the workspace and the broader community strengthen modern family dynamics. Our educators are dedicated to providing a thriving early childcare service which exceeds expectations on a daily basis.  

Performing to perfect the provisions as outlined by the National Quality Framework drives our ethics and enthusiasm for continuous improvement and consistency across all aspects of our organisation.

QLD Approved Kindergarten Program