Importance of Learning a New Language


The Importance of Learning a New Language as a Child

Languages of the world

In the past, early educators and parents would recommend against having a child be exposed to more than one language until they fully developed their language skills, as they believed the different languages would confuse the child and delay their development.


Nowadays, this subject has been studied thoroughly, and evidence shows that actually, the contrary is true, and experts recommend that children should start learning a new language as early as possible.


The Benefits of Bilingualism


Research strongly supports the benefits of bilingualism in children’s development of language, literacy, social, and cognitive skills. In fact, bilingual children have outperformed monolingual kids on analytical ability, concept formation, cognitive flexibility, and metalinguistic skills tests.


In Australia, especially, learning a new language helps children better understand their environment and the many communities within it. Learning a second language allows them to experiment with new ways of communicating, and can even help them develop areas of their personalities which would otherwise remain unknown.


The ways in which children learn new languages is also very interesting, and may influence children’s behaviour and can even result in long-term positive cognitive outcomes.


Fun Languages Program


At The Brook, we make sure our learning programs and educators are ready to support your child as they experience the world and develop new skills. Our students learn Spanish as a second language from a very young age, through a combination of drama, storytelling, technology, songs, craft and games. Learn about our LCF Fun Languages program.


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