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LCF Fun Languages Program

Fun Languages is an international language program that has been around for over 30 years around the world.


It was introduced in Australia in 2010, and it’s been greatly successful.


The program teaches children languages through a combination of storytelling, drama, technology, songs, craft and games, with the objective of developing children’s self-confidence so they can communicate quickly and naturally in foreign languages.


Fun Languages offer pre-schoolers Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, German, and English in a variety of delivery options around the world.


At The Brook we offer Spanish classes from 9 AM to midday every Tuesday.


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The Teacher

Marisol is from Colombia, where she was a scout for nearly 10 years, ran camps for children, and became a qualified lawyer.


Her love for languages and teaching brought her to Brisbane two years ago, when she started teaching Spanish through the LCF Fun Languages Program.


If you would like to learn more about the LCF Fun Languages Program, visit their website, here.

Marisol - LFC Languages teacher