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The Fun-Key Yoga Program For Kids

Fun-Key yoga logoThis fitness program is designed to introduce kids aged 3-9 to the wonders of yoga in a fun, animated and play-based manner.


Fun-Key Yoga falls under the Australian Institute of Music and Childhood Development’s umbrella of educational programs. This program is animated, noisy and fun – kids develop balance, strength, and coordination, and learn the fundamentals of yoga including warm-ups, poses, cool down exercises and self-calming techniques in an educational and entertaining way.


Different from traditional yoga, the classes at fun-key yoga are animated, noisy and great fun!

Gabby - The Brook Fun Key Yoga teacherThe Teacher

Every Friday morning at The Brook, our Fun-key yoga instructor uses games, storytelling, music and props to engage children both physically and mentally.


Gabby is currently studying a Bachelor of Music at the Queensland Conservatorium. She has been teaching singing and piano for 5 years. She loves spending time at the beach and interacting with children.


If you’d like to learn more about the Fun-key Yoga program, visit their website here.


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