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The Brook Early Education and Care


Welcome to our first blog post!


What an exciting time it is to learn, to grow and to take big steps, no matter how small the footprints are.


As we open our doors to all the cherubs, toddlers and tots out there, now is our chance to inform the community about our service, our goals, and what we wish to accomplish in the next couple of months.


After years of planning, organising, hiring, implementing, confirming, checking and rechecking (goodness, the list goes on!), we’re happy to announce that Brook Early Education and Care will be up and running in September 2016, catering to families in Gordon Park, Kedron, Lutwyche, Chermside, and beyond.


In our state-of-the-art facility, which is situated 7 km from Brisbane CBD, we’re determined to give every child the best possible early education and care.


We’re a centre that embraces harmony through diversity; a place where children, families and educators all have a strong sense of belonging. And as we’ve said before, all living things Brook when nurtured and provided with the essentials to a great start.


We’d like to especially congratulate Denise Rath on her appointment as Brook’s Centre Director! While she acknowledges the huge task ahead of her, she is willing, able and ready to steer the ship towards new horizons. We wish her all the best as everyone settles into the daily grind.


Don’t forget there are still some vacancies for enrolments, so make sure you register your interest soon and we will be in contact with you shortly!


Once again, we welcome you to Brook Early Education and Care, a place for building, belonging and Brooking together.


Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our child care services.


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